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Interior Design and Melka

Interior design or home decor can be whatever you want it to be. Whether it is something that expresses yourself or explores your creativity. Nevertheless, you can design it how you want. 

It's like putting your creative thoughts out in front of you. There is so much inspiration out there to expand your creativity. From magazines, social media, photos, your surroundings or other people’s ideas. This blog will explore the ins and outs of what makes your space yours. It will mainly focus on minimalistic style design, featuring a list of different interior design styles that are chosen favourites.


Main favourite! 

Johanna Wiemann-@scandinavian.interior 

The simplicity, modernist and clean approach to home style. Johanna using monochrome colours with a splash of beach wood creates the ultimate Scandinavian style room. Light, shadows and shape of the room uplifts the scandi style. She creates her rooms with care and in depth detail. This is mainly the reason a lot of people go for a style like this. 

It is clean, light and bright. 

Interior design is something people think too much into, or try to get the perfect Instagram look. But, the truth is, if it’s your own style, own taste then it is perfect for you. Scandinavia is the home of style and influence when it comes to creating a modernistic home and we can see why.


When it comes to Swedish interior you would think that everything is set out the same, use of the same colour etc, but @Swedishinterior merges colour and style with the use of greenery. The perfect combination of style and sophistication!


Urban modern is very similar to Scandinavian style interior.


This style is more of a warmer and plumper approach to styling a room. It’s chunky pillows, throws, heavy knit, rugs, layers and greenery.


Another great account to follow is @urbaninteriordesign by Sally Timms. She creates the warmest and cosiest of rooms fit for any space. She makes use of every inch of space with a great colour palette. Whether you are creating a cosy space or an open space, the minimalist look can be created anywhere. 


@Urbanologydesigns is an Urban Modern designer who exemplifies  minimalistic style. Including the soft furnishings which adds to the mix, takes off the sharpness and creates a minimalistic look. 


Fashion takes a huge part in your creativity and style. It may reflect your home and personal style. Fashion is taking your home style out with you. There are many fashion accounts that are reflective of their personalities and style they love. Mads Keilberg, the creator of @scandinaviancloset, is the perfect mirror of Scandinavian interior design. 


The influencer focuses on minimalistic fashion. Keeping it fresh, clean and bright. The way it is laid out, placed in a certain position and gathered with minimalistic colour. 

Interior design is so mass and there are so many different styles to choose from especially with how much is online. There are certain objects, colours and textures that make up a room or space. There are many styles which gain a certain feature or placement either a vase of flowers, a painted wall, picture frames etc, but every feature adds to the style and design of your individual personality. 

Creating a certain look can take time but not always a lot of money. You can design on a budget by recycling old products or buying second hand furniture and re-creating them. Whether it’s new or old you can always create the look you aspire with ease. You can do this with paint, materials, textures or accessories. 

Whether it Scandinavian, Urban, bright, colourful or just simple and minimalistic.


Below are a range of Instagram accounts to follow if you’re on a DIY budget or prefer to just do it yourself! … 


The use of wooden pallets are one of the main products used to create a look cheaply but professionally. They can be painted, polished or left the same. They can be versatile, as they are strong and easy to work with. They can be placed on the floor, on the walls, outside as garden furniture or inside, anything! 


Another DIY account that displays how you can style your own space how you want with a bit of paint, shelving and accessories. The use of colour and texture is both a mix of Scandinavian style and Urban Modern. Greenery can be defined between Scandi and Urban. By placing a few green statement plants it can add a lot of character and style to your room - either floor plants, wall plants or table pieces.

Melka is inherently inspired and intertwined with all things Sweden, including the interior design and architecture. We are constantly pulling from all areas of inspiration. Interior and architecture are constantly evolving our mood boards and design references. 

For more Melka, visit our Instagram @melkastudios to see how we style Scandinavian fashion. 

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