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About Melka

Melka was founded in 1946 by the Swedish company Molnlycke, Melka stands for Molnlyckes Eget Lilla Konfektions Aktiebolag which simply translated means Molnlycke’s own little garment industry!

During the Autumn of 1946, the operation began. Melka’s first item of clothing for sale was a pair of pyjamas, and the stage for them was, literally, a closed down theatre in Falkenberg. Following this, Melka grew considerably. Pyjamas were joined in the range by shirts and, then entire collections for everyone in the family: men, women and children. Ten years after it had begun, the small clothing company had 2,200 employees making more clothes than there were consumers. Sweden was too small. Europe was waiting. Soon, Melka factories were popping up on the continent, first in Holland and then in Portugal and in Finland. At the end of the 1960s, Melka streamlined the business and laid the foundations for the brand. The children’s and ladies’ collections were discontinued and instead they invested everything on clothes for the modern European man.

Melka’s heritage is derived from the efforts of a lot of dedicated people who carried the brand forward over the last 70 years, from a basic clothing supplier for the family in the 40’s and 50’s to a major multi national menswear brand in the 60’s. In the 70’s Melka was regarded as one of the leading fashion brands of Europe and entering the international Fashion Council in Geneva as the only Scandinavian brand. Melka continued to play a major part in the menswear fashion world through the 80’s and 90’s with continuing growth and significant return on investments for the owners.

In 2019 Melka has regenerated for a new era. With its roots still firmly based on the Swedish outlook on life, the new collection is designed with care and attention. Classic and staple pieces create a transitional wardrobe for the modern man.


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